Hospitality: Philosophy

Hospitality is not only about hotels and restaurants, it is about human interaction. People doing something for other people. Most of the time, this happens without any financial compensation. We open the door, give our seat to elder people, we cook dinner for our guests, smile at things we like, etc. Just imagine what you do when receiving guests at home and you know what is true hospitality. We do this because we want to do it, because we feel like doing it.

Hospitality is one of the most important sectors for our country. When a foreign businessman comes to visit one of our cities for one week, there are four main type of things he will be doing during his time with us: 1. he will sleep in a hotel, 2. he will eat and drink in restaurants, cafes and bars, 3. he will visit the company he intends to do business with, and 4. he will do some sightseeing. These are the four capital things that person does when coming over here. After a week, he goes back home, back to the office and his employer is curious to ask: “Well, how was it? How did you like the city and the country? How are the people?” At this moment, the businessman starts to think how his week in Russia passed and he thinks of those four main things he did. When he was in the office of the Russian business partner, he also received hospitality –the door was opened for him, he was served a cup of tea, he was offered wifi, guided through the hallways, etc.- and when doing sightseeing, the guide also provided a service, there was human interaction with the person that sold the tickets and the one that checked it afterwards. But even if we do not take into account the office and the sightseeing activities, we understand that minimum 50% of the image that this man has about our country was shaped in the hospitality sector. At least 50% of the feelings concerning our country were produced by people that worked in hotels, restaurants and cafes. Hospitality is one of the most important sectors in our country, not for the big money it brings in, but for the emotions and feelings it gives to those who visit.

Service is not a profession; it is a vocation. Many young people are not immediately aware of their vocation, but they learn about it by being open minded and following their own feelings, regardless of what others might think, say or advise. We know for a fact that there is a very big amount of talented people that can and want to work at the highest level and want to exceed that level every day, not for money, but for themselves, because they want to be a part of the movement and feel the excitement of being able to say: “We made it happen!”

The real service professionals, the ones with an undying love for their occupation, those who constantly seek new opportunities, those that keep on learning every day, not motivated in the first place by money, but by the feeling that they can offer people comfort, joy and happiness, those people are the ones that set the standards in Hospitality. Those are the ones that show the real Russian Hospitality. Join us and help us shape the future of Russian Hospitality!

We do not have any dreams, we only have things yet to accomplish. We love what we do! It is in our hearts.

We are Hospitality!