Household Management

When owning a large house or different properties on different locations, it is obvious that one cannot manage all work by himself. The owners of large properties are not supposed to manage their households, they are supposed to enjoy their jobs and leisure activities as they see fit. The most important necessity to have and keep is the peace of mind that at home as well as all other properties, everything is running smooth and the staff operates in the way the employer feels best.

Professional household management is vital to maintain the quality and high standard of life, no matter if one has three employees in one house or 300 in different parts of the world. The goal is and stays the same: at home, one should feel most comfortable and safe.

The bigger the property or the number of assets, the more staff will be needed to manage and maintain them. Even a smaller size residence with only a handful of staff needs a clear structure with standards and procedures that map out strict guidelines for the staff and give instructions to avoid mishaps and error. Without the proper work plan and management system, living in one’s own house might be stressful, uncomfortable and unpleasant for anyone residing or visiting.

Owners are not supposed to manage their households, or not even to manage their staff. They just need to discuss their desires and vision and the staff will manage to work towards those goals. In the ideal scenario, the owner merely needs a normal conversation with the head of staff, often called Butler of Household Manager, and he or she will take it from there and make sure all gets done in time, professionally and discretely. It often so happens that the staff is not dealing with the requests too well, employers not rarely are nervous in their own houses because the staff does work according to their standards. There is not one standard cause of the issue, there are many possibilities; every household and every employer is different.

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