Household Management System

The management of household staff is a burden. It is not something that should occupy one’s mind, unless if that is one’s job. When owning one or several properties and employing several members of household staff, no matter their qualifications, work level, quantity or geographical whereabouts, they all need a clear structure and understanding of their responsibilities. No owner is meant to explain the household staff how they should be doing their work. The staff should know this. Of course, the likes and dislikes of the employers are very important to understand and they have to be known among the staff, yet the technical execution of the work is something the workers should know or should be taught by their superiors.

Structure can only be achieved when things are put down on paper. Clear instructions and guidelines that define what an employee should and should not do, how to perform certain tasks, what the employer likes and dislikes, etc. The Household Management System is a paramount tool when employing household staff in one or more residences, including yachts and private jets. The larger the household gets, the bigger the system will become and when used properly, this system will make the employers amazed about its efficiency. All staff members, no matter their position or length of employment will know exactly what to do and how to do it. Plannings will be made beforehand, checklists will help smooth the processes, reports will keep track of past situations and serve as a reference for the future, all relevant data will be stored in one secured place and is visible to the employers at all times. When keeping and maintaining the Household Management System correctly, it offers safety and comfort, even if all household staff would leave in one day. As soon as the new personnel would arrive, they read into the system and know exactly what to do, when to do it and how to do it.

A correct Household Management System will manage aspects such as Housekeeping, Maintenance, Staff, Accounting, Events, Inventory, Standard Operating Procedures, etc. Even the smallest households with only a few staff members can benefit from the system. The larger the household gets and the more property and staff involved, the more elaborate the system will become. It grows with the employer and adapts to the present situations. For those who value comfort and safety in their properties, the Household Management System is an indispensable tool.

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