Training Of Staff

Service is not a profession; it is a vocation.

Very often, it so happens that service is seen as an inferior occupation. It is just passing on plates or drinks and so there is not much prestige to it. This is absolutely wrong. What is actually happening when serving food or drinks is that we are satisfying some of the most basic human needs. In doing so, we give joy to the organism of the person receiving, and if on the same time we can also have a nice conversation, share a thought or exchange a smile, we do not only feed the body, but also the soul. Service is enormously important, because it actively promotes human interaction. It makes us connect, it makes us meet and it makes us grow.

True service professionals know this. They feel it. It is a natural thing for them. They love to speak to people of different origins, love to make people smile, love to create special moments for others that visit them. They do it, not for the sake of money or fame, they do it for themselves, because making other people happy makes them happy. 

Whenever we teach service classes, we start off with a group conversation. We get to know who are the people we have in front of us and figure out what motivates them the most. The intrinsic motivation in service is vital and therefore, we bring that out before starting with the technical aspects of the training. We train a lot of table service, but in cooperation with our Butler School and its partners, we teach almost all types of operational staff in hotels and restaurants. Courses in Etiquette & Protocol are almost always incorporated in our programs, as they shape the foundation of the rules, procedures and correct behaviour necessary when interacting with guests and colleagues.

To find out more about our service courses, please visit the Service Academy section on our website or contact us for more detailed questions and requests.