Service is not a profession; it is a vocation.

It is a standard in many hotels and restaurants to smile because smiling makes the guest feel welcome. Or at least that is what they say. The truth is that a fake smile can do more harm than good and so one needs to be careful using the words “have to” when it comes to hospitality and service. 

Service is not just about waiting a table. Hospitality is not just about hotels and restaurants. Both these words have got a certain connotation and meaning, often based on assumptions and stereotypes. ‘Service’ and ‘Hospitality’ in essence have the same meaning; they both indicate an interaction between two human beings at a certain place and time. We see this most of all in hotels and restaurants, but as soon as we buy a ticket to a museum, we have a meeting in an office, we buy food in the supermarket, we meet friends and go to sports together, etc., we are also having human interactions. Service and Hospitality are not just about serving food and drinks or checking in a room, it is about the feelings that both parties get when they interact.

The most important things we want to obtain when going to a hotel or restaurant is impressions.  We like to be amazed, we like to feel expected, we like to feel welcome and we like to feel comfortable. A hotel or restaurant will never be “like home”, it will always be an outside place, but the experiences and impressions we get in them can make us feel so happy, comfortable and safe, so they remind us of our most sacred place in the world: home.

Even though Hospitality and Service can be found anywhere, the effects of their performance are most noticed and observed in hotels and restaurants. Guests and clients go there not only for the name of the fancy building, but for the feelings they get when being there and the memories it creates for when they leave.

With our vast experience in Service and Hospitality of all levels and in different corners of the world, we offer a unique vision to inspire and impress your guests. Let us know how we can help you, we will be glad to hear from you.