Service Academy: Concept

Almost daily, we meet at least one or a few good waiters. High level professionals that love their job, that smile naturally, because they feel good about wat they do. “High level” does not necessarily mean that these people work in fancy restaurants. A high level professional is a person who loves his job, likes to create great moments and loves to make people happy and feel good. Depending on the type of establishment, this can be done in different ways, but the essence stays the same. High-level service does not depend on the venue; it depends on the people.

During many of our lectures in private households, hotels and restaurants, but also in colleges and universities, even corporate offices, we get questions on where to go to learn the correct way of service. Young and less young people that love to serve want to know more, they want to learn those small details that make such big differences. Besides that, they also like to meet like-minded colleagues; people that think and feel like them, to share experience, knowledge and inspiration. For all those that recognise themselves in this description, for those who feel the motivation and inspiration to serve at the highest level, we have created Service Academy.

Service Academy is not just a place where we teach how to hold and serve a plate. It is a community of service professionals with a passion for what they do, a constant desire to become better and a natural habit of sharing experience. Together, we create new concepts, new systems of service, different ways of thinking, yet all focussed on the same great goal: service enhancement.

Always aim for the highest level in service. If you cannot make it, then go a bit lower, but that will always be easier than to try to climb up from the lower to the higher levels.

We teach and train at the highest level to be ready for any challenge and we are very proud to have served in different Embassies, governments institutions, private residences and exclusive events. For those who believe that service is their way up, for those that want to become better and stronger, for those who want to be around their peers and help shape the future of service for years to come, we will be glad to meet you. Contact us for more information.