Service Academy: Training Programs

Weekly service trainings

Every Monday at 18.30h, we gather to enhance our service skills during our weekly service trainings. These trainings are open for al service professionals. Subscription is desired.

Like in sports training, we go over the basics, learn different techniques, practice manoeuvres, repeat exercises and share thoughts and experiences to raise the service level. Different service styles are explained and implemented and real-life scenarios enacted. Participation in these weekly courses helps the further development in our programs, as they serve as an assessment of the skills and motivation of the participants. 

All classes are taught by active ‘Service Elite’ members. Contact us to find out more about Service Academy.

Restaurant service

We very often get requests from restaurants to assess their service and to create training programs for the staff. All these programs are tailored and can vary in length and size. Short term programs start from 2 days for small venues and can last up to several months for bigger size restaurants and chains.

As usual, all programs are tailored to the needs of every individual client and so we will be glad to give you more information upon your request. Contact us anytme.