Staff Training

Quality household staff is key to a comfortable life in one’s own private house. All work needs to be done with speed and efficiency, guaranteeing an unrivalled quality and providing the best impression to guests and visitors. The correct staff directly contributes to the prestige of a house and therefore, the better they are trained, the higher chances are that owners and guests will be satisfied with the working of the house. 

We offer a support to those employers that feel the need to improve their household staff’s skills level and do so on different levels. There are positions that have a more executive set of tasks and others that have a more directive one. Whichever level that needs to be trained or managed, we have a solution for you.

Since 2014, we have been managing Russia’s first and only Butler School and since have been working with many clients to improve their household efficiency. We offer separate courses for Butlers, waiters, cleaning staff, cooking staff and can perform them in any location, however, the best results are achieved when the trainings happen on the work place, in the environment where the staff will implement the attained skills with the materials at hand.

Our training programs vary as they are tailored to the needs of every individual client. Not one household is the same, not one employer is the same. We pride ourselves in our personal approach and the follow-up we provide after all our programs. Moreover, we constantly are creating innovations that we gladly propose to our existing clients in order to make them benefit from the newest methods and techniques of domestic management.

Contact us with all your questions, we will be glad to hear from you!